About SUTL

This movement has come about, not through mad, impulsive anarchy, but following long, arduous discussion and consideration by an ever-growing group of people who have come together because of the deepening concern over failures in our borough.

Lambeth Council are charged with the responsibility of provision of public services and protection of communities, yet are consistently failing in those responsibilities.  In recent years, the problems facing Lambeth residents have increased exponentially, as a direct result of Lambeth Council decisions.

Those notorious decisions include but are not limited to council estate regeneration schemes, planned library closures, eviction of traders in the Brixton Arches, closure of children’s services such as 1 o’clock clubs and after school clubs, the failure to properly investigate Lambeth’s role in the historical child sex abuse scandal as well as provide proper ongoing protection of our most vulnerable citizens, threatened closure of sheltered housing, cuts in our social services including mental health – all the while engaging fully with big business and developers with a view to privatising housing and services.

Lambeth Council, and most notably, the leader of council, Councillor Lib Peck, blames these cuts, closures, evictions and job losses on cuts in funding from Central Government, yet we see them continue to promote and finance vanity projects such as the Garden Bridge project, which has so far cost £60 million in consultation alone, or the “refurbishment” of the town hall, at a cost of at least £50 million to the tax payer, not including the £8.5 million to pay for the freehold that the council only recently discovered wasn’t owned by them!  We see a scandalous waste of money on “consultants” and “advisors”, private companies, such as Savill’s, whose services are engaged to assist the council in pushing through their dubious schemes. We see mismanagement of finances and waste on a grand scale as the council hands out contracts to private firms, without proper monitoring or supervision.

The ones who suffer as a result of these actions are the ordinary people of Lambeth, who face constant daily struggles to live their lives, build homes and bring up their families in a climate of fear and hardship.

The residents of the borough, many of whom have campaigned hard to save their homes, jobs and services, are therefore saying to Lib Peck and her cabinet, “enough is enough”, and demand that the council who is supposed to represent them

Becomes financially transparent and democratic,

Becomes accountable to its residents,

Puts the interests of residents and council workers before the interests of private companies.

Furthermore, the people of Lambeth call for the council leader, Lib Peck and her cabinet to resign, as they have betrayed the trust and faith of the residents, who have no confidence in their ability to represent them.